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GVI can provide the personalized service you and your businesss needs to keep your computer system working for you. We will work with you to provide what you need within your budget. No question is ever stupid if you need an answer. We help clients nights and weekends since computer problems don't follow a set schedule. You deal with the same person consistantly.

Network Installation and Support

Why do I need a network?

To share files, data and resources such as laser printers and backup systems.

There are many types of network programs and systems available to link 2 computers or 200. GVI can discuss the options with you and install the necessary equipment to get you networked.

New Equipment Sales and Service

Need a bigger hard drive, more memory, uninteruptible power supply or new computer?

GVI can either supply your computer needs or install and configure your purchases.

Problem solving

Your computers and components sometimes don't work like they do on the TV commercials. When your new printer won't print or your computer develops an attitude give GVI a call.

Service Rates

Our service rate is $60.00 per hour.

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